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5 Places to Find Merchants and Providers Who Accept Bitcoin Cash As Payment

Bitcoin cash has been around for over 12 years, and while it is not as widely accepted as other currencies, more service providers and merchants are starting to accept it as payment. Listed below are some places to find merchants and providers who accept bitcoin cash as payment. Read on to learn how you can start accepting it today! You can even buy LUSH products using it! It is the currency of the future, and its popularity is rising fast!


In a move to promote its digital currency acceptance, Overstock will now accept bitcoin cash as payment. This move represents a big step for the cryptocurrency as it’s the first major online retailer to accept it. Additionally, the company will accept Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Monero. Overstock also supports the Xbox store, so customers can buy games with their bitcoin funds. Previously, only a handful of companies accepted bitcoin, including the Xbox store.

Bitcoin can be stored on a cryptocurrency exchange, and it helps merchants accept payments from foreign countries. It can be expensive to accept credit card payments due to high fees and the risk of fraud. The use of bitcoin cash means that Overstock can accept payments from customers without incurring high fees. The company pays Coinbase to handle the transaction, which means that the fees are much lower. In addition, bitcoin cash allows customers to purchase items for less than their original prices.

Cine Multi

Cinemas are now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method in Brazil. One cinema, Cine Multi in Florianopolis, claims to be the first movie theatre in South America to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. The cinema works with a blockchain-based app called Bancryp to allow clients to pay with bitcoins using a card, bracelet, or Bancryp App. The cinema is located in a town with a population of 477,798 and the third highest Human Development Index in Brazil. The cinema is located just a few miles from the sea, in one of the most populated areas on the South island.

In addition to accepting bitcoin, Cine Multi also accepts other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Litecoin. In an interview with WallStreetBets, AMC CEO Adam Aron revealed that his company was working to accept these currencies as well. It’s unclear how soon this might happen, but it’s a start. The AMC announcement could prove beneficial for the company, the financial markets, and customers.


If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin Cash, you may want to know more about this alternative form of payment. CoinSpice is a Bitcoin cash-accepting online store. This site also hosts podcasts, and it also accepts Bitcoin Cash. LUSH, a British cosmetics brand with 100% vegetarian products, accepts crypto payments through BitPay. You can purchase their body and face cosmetics, which are sold in stores in 52 countries. In addition, you can buy medical supplies from Premier Medical Inc., which has a location in Irving, TX.


The cosmetics brand Lush has announced that it will now accept Bitcoin cash as a form of payment. While this is not a revolutionary move, the company has long held a progressive, forward-looking mindset. The company has long been a proponent of Bitcoin, and the announcement in the recent press release highlights the benefits of this digital currency. Among these are its secure, transparent transaction processes, lack of large fees and exchange rates, and the fact that it’s not confined by any national borders.

The company’s acceptance of Bitcoin cash marks an important step forward for the cryptocurrency industry. The company has been known for its unconventional and boundary-pushing values. The company’s embrace of Bitcoin shows how mainstream retailers are finally starting to recognize its potential. While Bitcoin remains an unpopular payment option among consumers, Lush’s adoption of the cryptocurrency means that it will be increasingly useful for consumers. Apart from the ethereum-based currency, the company also accepts Bitcoin cash as a means of payment at their store.

Premier Medical Inc

Premier Medical Inc., a medical device provider in Irving, TX, now accepts bitcoin cash as a payment method. While the company does not hold bitcoins on its balance sheet, it does partner with the cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin Suisse to help process transactions. Bitcoin Suisse charges 1.75% of transactions. The insurance company does not yet support other cryptocurrencies. As of August 2018, there are currently a handful of other healthcare providers that accept bitcoin cash, including Healthbits.

Moreover, bitcoin payments eliminate the need to carry a checkbook or credit card. Many of us have an unanticipated injury, which can end up costing us more than we usually carry. Moreover, bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous, making them ideal for sensitive medical treatments such as cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment, or sexually transmitted infections. This makes it possible to save time and money for both the provider and the patient.


You can now pay for your web hosting with Bitcoin cash using a secure online payment gateway, such as BitPay. If you prefer Bitcoin, you can use it as payment at Namecheap instead of a credit card. Namecheap offers free SSL certificate and Whois Guard privacy protection. You can also choose from hundreds of other currencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin. In addition to Bitcoin cash, Namecheap offers other features such as a one-click backup feature and secure SFTP access.

Bitcoin cash is a great way to secure your payments online. Namecheap accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through its website. Bitcoins are decentralized, and they do not require a centralized authority. That means you don’t have to worry about being ripped off by scammers or hackers. If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, you can visit the official website of Bitcoin.